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Translation by: Kalle Scheuch; Copyright © 2011 of translation Kalle Scheuch

Right to use text and pictures granted by Peter Klink


Schnellboot S 226

Status: 25.10.2011          

54o39,7’N, 011o11,8’E


Some days ago we got an Email from Mr. Hans F., who we thank very much on this way.

“My uncle (passed away in the meantime) sailed on S 226 and reported me the position of sinking as being south of Langeland, but may be has mixed it up with Lolland (eller “Laaland” as is said on Fehmarn). The precise position he did not know. Kühn has copied his information from Lohmann and Hildebrandt (Kriegsmarine 1939 – 1945), where shortly after the war a list of S-boats and their whereabouts had been assembled from memories. With many mistakes as the later evaluation of sources has revealed. Hümmelchen (Die deutschen Schnellboote im Zweiten Weltkrieg) does list the correct date of sinking of S 226 however as position „east of Fehmarn 54o 20’N, 011o 18,0’E)“ what cannot be right either.”

Almost certainly here it is S 226, since we also could contact P.v.Glasenapp, and he confirmed the following facts.

S-boat S 226 was scuttled by its own crew under command of the last commanding officer, Lt.z.S. Hans Heinrich von Glasenapp, on Sunday the 6.5.45 after an air raid because of heavy damage soth of the island Lolland /DK. As a result of the heavy air attacks by Allied air forces four killed in action and six wounded among the 23-person-crew had to be mourned.

The commanding officer and the rest of the crew came ashore without further losses making use of the life saving material left on bord.


The picture to the left shows Lt.z.S. v. Glasenapp with foul weather jacket and glasses as Lieutenant and commanding officer of S 226. Picture taken probably in March of April 1945

The picture to the right shows the later Lt.z.S. v. Glasenapp as navigation ensign of the 1. S-Flotilla in the Black Sea. Picture taken probably in 1943.

Lt.z.S. v. Glasenapp was drafted in 1941 as an Officer Aspirant of the Reserve. At that time he was already 30 years old and had prior to that sailed in the Merchant Navy for many years. Until 1939 he was sailing as a first mate on a ferry between Tallin and Stockholm.

As a Baltic-German living in Estonia he was resettled as a result of the Hitler-Stalin-Pact.

Boats of Type S-100 at their surrender in a Netherlands Harbour

S 226 a boat of type S-100 was built by Schlichting Werft/Travemünde. It is laying on sand bottom at a water depth of 20 meters and is also rather simple to dive at for less experienced divers.


Report about a dive of September 2003

Maximum depth 19,5 m and a sight as it could not have been better. The wreck lies upright on light sand. On starboard in the area of the torpedo-muzzle there is a great damage. Here something could have exploded. The port side is undamaged, the cover of the torpedo muzzle is still closed. Of the former two anti-air guns (presumably 2 cm or 3,7 cm) nothing is left. 

S 176 in a Netherlands Harbour

On the forecastle in the height of compartment VIII the well for the heavy MG is still there. From the engine room the engines have been retrieved. Since that was not done with precaution the hull in this area has been destroyed. If one looks sharply there is still ammunition laying around. Scattered around the wreck different parts are laying – on the port quarter a net rolled up to a rope is laying at a larger distance, besides with a distance of about 15 m from the wreck part of the rail is laying. Many crabs and young fishes are to be observed inside and around the wreck.

Copyright © 2002 by Peter Klink

Should somebody know more and is able and willing to give more specifications about this wreck or possibly has photos we should be very grateful if he would be willing to share his knowledge or his photos with us i.e. via Email.

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