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S-Boats in the Kriegsmarine

Lettercode of the 10. S-Flotilla

The 10. SFltl was installed in July 1944 in the Baltic Sea. Commander of the flotilla was Kptlt. Dietrich Bludau.

As the only boat in the 10. SFltl boat "S 305" (Oblt.z.S. Gunnar Kelm) had a capital "G" as marking. After his knowledge the other boats in the flotilla had no code-of-arts nor other markings.

Last inspection at Gelting Bight, at right hand side boat "S 305" with them "G" - Pictures: Archives Gunnar Kelm

On right hand side "S 305'" (Oblt.z.S. Gunnar Kelm) with the G on the Kalotte - Pictureild: Archives Gunnar Kelm

On 01.04.1945 belonged the boats listed below to the 10. S-Flotilla:

Boat Commanding Officer Marking Whereabout
S 48 Lt.z.S.d.R. Rudolf Schepers   US-Loot
S 92 Lt.z.S. Kurt Neugebauer   Brit.-Loot
S 186 Oblt.z.S. Ludwig Ritter

+ 30.03.1945 at WHV by Bomb

S 191 Kptlt. Horst Weber  

(+) 07.05.1945 after Ramming Fehmarn-Sound

S 211 Oblt.z.S.d.R. August Licht   UdSSR-Loot
S 215 Kptlt. Heinz-Dieter Moss


S 224 Lt.z.S.(KrO) Bruno Klockow 

+ 30.03.1945 at WHV by Bomb

S 301 Lt.z.S.d.R. GŁnter Benja 

(+) 07.05.1945 after Ramming Fehmarn-Sound

S 305 Oblt.z.S. Gunnar Kelm G