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S-Boats in the Kriegsmarine 1935 - 1945

Accident of the Schoolboat "S 90" on Hånesholmen

17th Februar 1945


During the night to 17.02.1945 the schoolboat "S 90" (Lt.z.S. d.R. Gärbers) of the 1. S-Boat-Schoolflotilla (S-Schul-Fltl) run aground at a speed of 24 knots on the little island Hånesholmen near Bru north of Stavanger.

About the salvage of the boat by the tugboats "Fairplay III" and "Hjeltefjord" as well as the Stavanger harbour fireboat "Nøkk" and German divers we find  the following report in the deck journal of "Nøkk" in the town archives (byarkiv) of Stavanger:

Deck Journal of Fireboat "Nøkk" in the Stavanger City Archives - Pictures: Erik Ettrup


Copy of the Deck Journal of the Stavanger Harbour Fireboat “NØKK”

(Translation K. Scheuch)

 "17. February 1945

Got order of the fire-chief to go to Bru in order to assist a German boat.

The men on liberty were called in and „Nøkk” left the station at 12:55 hours.

At 13:30 we had arrived at the height of Bru quai and became aware of rockets being fired at the north side of Hånesholmen.

We went there and here was a German S-Boot (Torpedoboat) laying with the entire forecastle on dry land and the stern under water. Some small boats were around with divers. The harbor-captain’s staff coordinated the working. The S-Boat had run aground during the night at rather high speed (24 knots) and her bottom had been torn open. The divers layed out a sealing matt. At 14:10 hours “Nøkk” started to pump out the boat with two suction pipes, with short interruptions we finished at 17:00 hours. In the meantime the tugboat “Fairplay III” had arrived, it prepared for tugging and soon thereafter the S-Boat was afloat. It was supported between “Fairplay III” and “Hjeltefjord” and was tugged to Rosenberg (remark of the translator: A shipyard at Stavanger). “Nøkk” sailed back to the station and was moored at 18:15 hours.”


Accident of "S 90" during the night to 17th Februar 1945 - Pictures: Archives Johan Aakre

The wreck was laying unchanged at Rosenberg-Shipyard at Stavanger on 04.05.1945. 

In Appendix 2 to the Tripartite Naval Commission's Red Book "Recommendations of the Tripartite Naval Commossion concerning destruction and cannibalization of ships and craft in category C" was among others also "S 90" described as follows: 

S-90   E-Boat   Stavanger   Overturned Wreck, beached. 

In the Appendix was also a target date for these actions given.

On 23.01.1947 reported Det Kongelige Forsvarsdepartement, Oslo, the Norwegian Defence Department, that the boat had been broken off at Stavanger.