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Data Protection




Declaration about the Protection of Data (i.a.w. DSGVO)


This declaration about the protection of data is to inform the users of this website about the kind, the extent und the purpose of the request for and the use of personal data by the website-owner, Förderverein Museums-Schnellboot e.V. The website-owner is handling the protection af data very seriously and treats your personal data confidentially and according to the rules and regulations of the law.

Use of Data

We, the website-owners respectively the siteprovider because of our legitimate interest (see Art. 6 Abs. 1 lit. f. DSGVO) collect data about visits of the website and store these as „Server-Logfiles“ on the server of the website. Thus the following data are recorded:
- visited website
- time of visit
- ammount of transmitted data in byte
- source/reference from where you came to the website
- used browser
- used basic system
- used IP-address
Recording of the data is performed because of security reasons to e.g. clearify abuse and/or to find out wheater there are grounds of illegal use.



This website uses cookies only for protection against multiple or spam entries in the guestbook. Cookies are small files which are stored on your computer. Your browser uses these files. By the use of cookies the userfriendliness and the security of this website. Many browsers provide entries which do not permit the use of cookies. Advice: It cannot be assertained that all functions of this website are operational without difficulties if you choose such entries.


Collection and use of personal data

The websiteowner collects, uses and hands ower your personal data only when that is allowed within the legal frame or you agree with the collection of data. As peronal data are considered all information which can be used to determine you as a person and which can be traced back to you - i.e. your name, your email-address and telephone-number. You can also visit this website without making reference to your person. 

Treatment of contactdata

Do you contact the website-owner by the offered contact-possibilities your data are stored for the purpose of working with and to reply to your inquiry.Without your agreement these data will not be handed on to third parties.

Treatment of commentary and inputs

Should you leave an input or a comment on this website your IP-address will be stored. This is done based upon the legalised interest of the owner of the website and provides to his security: Because should your input conflict with the laws he could therefore be sued, that is why the is an interest in the identity of the author of the input or comment.


Rights of the Users

As a user you are entitled to receive a free-of-cost information about which personal data have been stored about you. Also you are entitled to ask for corrections of wrong data and to have limited the use or to have cancelled your personal data.