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Begleitschiff "Carl Peters"


Tender "Carl Peters" still without weapons in January 1940


Technical Data

Shipyard AG Neptun, Rostock
In Commission 06.01.1940 - 14.05.1945
Displacement 3.600 t
Length 114,0 m
Beam 14,5 m
Draught 4,34 m
Propulsion 4 MAN twostroke Diesel-engines with Vulcan gearbox 12.400 PS *)
Shafts/Propellers 2 - 2
Speed 23 kn
Complement  225 Mann
Armament 4 x 10,5 cm Rapid Firing Gun
1 x 4 cm Bofors-Flak
6 x 3,7 cm Flak
8 x 2 cm Flak

 *) As communicated by Mr. Horst Köhler, a development engineer at MAN for more than 40 years, on 03.02.2020 the company MAN at that time only produced dobbeleffective tostroke-dieselengines - no dobbeleffective fourstroke-dieselengines as reported by many online and printed media - with that performance. Se also www.dieselmotoren-historik.com.


"Carl Peters" was commissionde on 06.01.40 for the 1.S-Flotilla. Sisterschip "Adolf Lüderitz".

"Carl Peters"  during the occupation of Bergen received a hit by the Kvarven-Landbattery (Byfjord) in the mast, which did not cause a big damage. Since the 1.S-Flotilla was transported to the Black Sea in spring 1942, "Carl Peters" came initially to the 6. and subsequently to the 8.S-Flotilla. On 01.09.43 she was finally assigned to the S-Boats-Schoolflotilla. When in June 1944 the S-Boats-Trainingdivision was installed she came to tne newly formed 3. S-Boats-Schoolflotilla. After a hit by a mine in the Gelting Bight "Carl Peters" sank on 14.05.45 .

 Commanding Officers: 

01.1940 – 05.1942 KorvKapt. Otto Hinzke

05.1942 – 05.1945 

Kptlt. Walter  Reuthal


"Carl Peters" with S-Boats af 3rd S-SchulFltl - Picture: H. Büchting

After a hit by a mine when weighing anchor in the Gelting Bight "Carl Peters" sank on 14.5.45. One man was wounded.

Sinking of "Carl Peters" in Gelting Bight - Picture: Sepp Struppe, KspA Steinberg

The ship capsized and was laying on ground on her starboardside after 12 minutes. S-boats were rescueing the complement. 

"Carl-Peters" 1948 off Norgaardholz - Picture: Walter Schöppe, KspA Steinberg

Recovery of "Carl Peters" with help of supporting-timbers - Picture: H.N. Diederichsen, KspA Steinberg

Big air bladders were employed for the recovery - Picture: Walter Schöppe, KspA Steinberg

The recovered "Carl Peters" 1953 - Picture: Walter Schöppe, KspA Steinberg


The ship was laying in the bight bottom up until 1950 when it was turned around, brought up and pumped out. She was towed to Kiel-Wik and finally broken up 1952/53.