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S-Boats in the Kriegsmarine

Coat-of-Arms of the S-Boats in the Coastal Defence Unit (Küstensicherungsverband (KSV)

Fast ASW-Group

Already from the 29.04. until the 22.07.1940 boats "S 8", "S 9", "S 14", "S 15", and "S 16" were reconstructed for the Fast ASW Group (Schnelle U-Jagd-Gruppe), probably also "S 7". On 01.08.1940 "S 14", "S 15", and "S 16" were handed over to Admiral Norwegische Westküste and employed in the Fast ASW Group (Schnelle U-Jagdgruppe) in the Coastal Defence Unit Westcoast B Norway (Küstenschutzverband Norwegische Westküste) commanded by KKpt Bartels. "S 8" and "S 9" and probably "S 7" followed on 05.08.1940. In October 1940 the unit "Küstenschutzverband" was renamed "Küstensicherungsverband". Data about the employment of the boats in this unit are not available. 

Is is to assume that the boats at this point of time used no or the coat-of-arms of the flotilla they came from.

Boat of  Schnelle U-Jagd-Gruppe with unknown coat-of-arms off Bremager- Picture: Archives Erling Skjold

Coastal Defence Unit Norwegian Westcoast (Küstensicherungsverband (KSV) Norwegische Westküste)

 With dissolving of the Schnelle U-Jagd-Gruppe in March 1941 "S 14", "S 15", and "S 16" were declared as pickets and stayed in the Küstensicherungsverband Norwegische Westküste. They were subordinated the 55. V-Fltl and stationed in Åstveitvågen, a little fjord close to Bergen. "S 9" was handed over to the Torpedo-Test-Centre (Torpedoversuchsanstalt - TVA) at Eckernförde on 05.04.1941. Since "S 8" was laying as hulk at Eckernförde at the end of war, it is assumed that she also belonged to TVA since 1941. No information is available about the whereabouts of "S 7" other than she became warloot of Great Britain in 1945.

As a unique coat-of-arms a stylized head of a Panther with crossed swords must be assumed also if from the early days of the S-boats as pickets on some boats the coat-of-arms of the 6. SFltl was shown.

Boats "S 10", "S 11", "S 12", and "S 13" were redesignated as pickets in March rsp. April 1942 and came to the 55. V-Fltl as well. Data about their employment as such are not available.


Detaching Flotilla

Datum Detachment tor ASW-Group

Datum Detachment to 55. V-Fltl

New Designator

S 10

6. SFltl



V 5507

S 11

6. SFltl 



V 5508

S 12

2. SFltl



V 5504

S 13

6. SFltl



V 5510

S 14

2. SFltl

Aug. 1940

Apr. 1941

V 5509

S 15

2. SFltl

Aug. 1940

Apr. 1941

V 5511

S 16

2. SFltl

Aug. 1940

Apr. 1941

V 5512


"S 11" of KSV with Coat-of-Arms of the 6. SFltl - Picture: Archives Erling Skjold

Boat with Coat-of-Arms of teh 55. V-Fltl - Picture: Archives Erling Skjold

"S 13" on Patrol in Norway still with the Coat-of-Arms of the 6. SFltl -  Picture: Archives Frands Frandsen

S" 14" with the Coat-of-Arms of the 55. V-Fltl - Picture: Archives Thaler

"S 15" in Norway with the Coat-of-Arms of the 55. V-Fltl - Picture: U. Screier (from Storia Militare Briefing Nr. 18)

"S 16" with the Coat-of-Arms of the 55. V-Fltl on the Rocks of Måløya  1941 - Picture: Archives Erling Skjold


"S 13", "S 15", and "M 2" of the 55. V-Fltl at Bergen 1943 - Picture: Archives Erling Skjold

It seems that all boats of the 55. V-Fltl displayed the coat-of-arms, since it is to be seen under the bridge of "M 2".

"S 16" in Bergen Harbour - Picture: Archives Erling Skjold

Boats "S 12" and "S 14" were probably dispatched from the KSV in April 1944. It is assumed that "S 14" was re-equipped as fast tugboat and it was lost  in the Channel already in the same year. Which flotilla "S 12" was asssigned to is unknown. "S 12" became US war-loot in 1945. 

The other boats got their old numbers, "S 10", "S 11", "S 13", "S 15", and "S 16" back and remained under command of KSV. These five boats were laying in Åstveitvågen at the end of the war.

S-Boats of K.S.V. - "S 10", "S 11", "S 13", "S 15", and "S 16" - in Åstveitvågen close to Bergen 1944 - Picture: Archives Förderverein

 From the available documentation about the Schnelle U-Jagd-Gruppe and the Küstensicherungsverband Westküste Norwegen it is not possible to find out the commanding officers of the boats. It is just possible to establish that Oblt.z.S. von Dülong was CO of "S 15" from April to May 1941 and Oblt.z.S. Hüsig was CO af some boat of the Schnelle U-Jagd-Gruppe from July 1940 until April 1941. Furthermore it is known to us by a written report of Lt.z.S.d.Res. Ludwig Unger that he was CO of "S 13" until the end of war and Lt.z.S.d.Res. Rudolf Rapp was CO of S 16".

All boats were sailed to Wilhlemshaven in August 1945 by their old crews for distribution of the boats to the three Allies, a British officer was embarked on the guide.