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S-Boats in the Kriegsmarine 1935 - 1945

The Fate of "S 130"

"S 130" was laid on keel early in 1943 at the dockyard Schlichting-Werft, Travemünde, and was launched 18.09.1943. Is was commissioned 21.10.1943 for the  9. SFltl under command of Oblt.z.S. Günter Rabe.

"S 130" leaves Rønne/Bornholm - Picture: Henry Pedersen

"S 130" with reconstructed markings - Picture: Rekonstruction by FMS

She was operating woth the 9. SFltl in the Channel and in the Northsea. The actions of the boat are listet on WEB-site: Lebenslauf S-Boot S 130. On 04.05.1945 she was at Rotterdam. 

On 29.06.1945 she transferred together with the other boats at the end of war in the Netherlands to Wilhelmshaven. In November 1945 she was awarded Great Britain as war loot. 

1946 and 1947 she sailed for the Royal Navy as Fast Patrol Boat "FPB 5130" which decommissioned her 1948. She was subject to reconstruction, the guns were removed and the torpedotubes were closed, the boat got instead of the three  Daimler MB 501 Motoren three Napier Deltic Diesels

After reconstruction she was handed over to the Organization British Baltic Fishery Protection Service (BBFPS) ("Organisation  Klose") and sasiled as intelligence vessel and landed agents in the Baltic Republics of the UdSSR. Early 1956 the operations of BBFPS were discontinued. On 28.03.1956 "S 130" together with "S 208" and the three new boats "Silver Gull", "Storm Gull", and "Wild Swan" were handed over to the Bundesmarine.

Upon a basic overhau at Lürssen-Werft and equipping her with turnable torpedotubes amidships "S 130" was commissioned with hull-number "UW 10" as a training vessel for the Unterwasserwaffenschule (Underwater Weapons School) on 07.03.1957. AS such she sailed at last under hull-number "W 49" until decommissioning.

"UW 10" (ex "S 130") and "UW 11" (ex "S 208") at the MUWS, Mürwik - Picture Unknown

"W 49" (ex "S 130") - Picture: Unknown

On 15.08.1963 she was decommissioned and handesd over to the BWB. After reconstruction as a testvehicle marked "EF 3" she was commissioned again on 15.03.1968. 

ex-"S 130" as "EF 3" (Y 840) - Picture: Archives Christine von Hippel

1977 the boat was decommissioned and laid up at Wilhelmshaven. Somewhen an old woman moved on board and lived on her.  In January 2003 she was sold to a member of the British Military Powerboat Trust (BMPT), who originally had her towed to Southampton. The Förderverein Museums-Schnellboot e.V. was only made aware of her after she was sold and towed to England. Today we are glad, that we as a club did not take on the burden of the boat which has got on in years.

In Jahre 2005 the owner turned over the boat to BMPT, since the cost of the boats superceeded his possibilities. BMPT wrote about that in its Newsletter:

"S 130 This boat was brought to the Trust by a Member, for restoration by Powerboat Restorations. The owner was unable to proceed with the restoration. The boat was virtually abandoned on the tidal mud berth and for a long while deteriorated. 

Our Chairman eventually persuaded the owner to transfer ownership to the Trust, at no cost, as we needed to do something about her. We then set about stabilising her further deterioration, caused by ingress of water at each tide through open sea valves, and hull damage.The boat was slipped and repaired sufficiently to be towed to Plymouth where she has been hauled out of the water onto a slipway at Mashfords. 

Mashfords is part of a group which includes World of Boats. One reason for this arrangement was that it had been indicated to us that a film/TV company would like to rebuild her for use in a series covering the Coastal Forces at war. 

Nothing has come of this as yet, although the intention is still apparently there. The recovery operation cost the Trust £14,001.95, and it is hoped to recover some of this outlay,should the project proceed. World of Boats have shown interest in acquiring this boat. The Imperial War Museum has also expressed an interest in this boat, and our Chairman is proceeding to negotiate at this time. font face="Arial" size="3">The BMPT had the boats being towed to Plymouth schleppen, where she arrived on 07.11.2004. On 25.11.2004 she was hauled up the Mashfords Shipyard, Cremyll, Cornwall slipway. 

In the Newsletter dated July 2007 the following is stated with respect to "S 130":

"S 130 as you will recall, we floated and repaired sufficiently to have her towed down to the EISCA facility at Cremyll. She has been on the Mashfords Cremyll slipway for quite some time, and in order that her future be pursued, she has been sold to EISCA for a nominal £ 1. Our options were limited with regard to this boat, as the funding to have her made seaworthy, and then towed to a suitable berth, the Trust does not have.We are advised however that negotiations are under way between EISCA and a potential restoration Trust, which may take her over, and get on with what will in all probability,be a £4 million pound restoration process."

Arrival of "S 130" at Southampton - Picture: Archives BMPT

The restoration of the boat slowed down an was stopped finally. Eventually in 2008 she was sold to the Wheatcroft Collection for nominal 1 £. Kevin Wheatcroft, a known enthusiast and collector ob military objects from WW II as new owner had her being towed to the Roving Commission Ltd., Plymouth, to finish the started restoration.

In the meantime it became known the the boat "Arthur of San Lorenzo" (ex "Puma") was acquired 2008 to obtain the propulsion-engines (MB 518 C) for "S 130".

"Arthur of San Lorenzo" (ex "Puma) - Picture: Desmood Hughes

Upon enquiry of 2021 Mister Kevin Wheatcroft stated:

"... The boat is currently out of the water awaiting restoration; we have acquired new engines for the restoration project. From Denmark we managed to salvage three matched propellers, the fore  and rear gun platform, the skull bridge, both torpedo tubes, a full complement of new original torpedoes, as well as many other smaller parts.

We are now collecting radio equipment, but are short of an original steering system from the bridge and some other smaller controls.

We also need an original specifications ships anchor so anything you hear of would be greatly appreciated."

"S 130" at Roving Commissions Ltd. - Picture: Archives Roving Commission

Restoration of Keel an Planks - Picture: Archives Roving Commissions Ltd.

We are curious how it goes on with "S 130" ams shall stay in contact with Mr. Kevin Wheatcroft.