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  Begleitschiff "Gustav Nachtigal"



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Begleitschiff "Gustav Nachtigal"


"Gustav Nachtigall"



 Technical Data

Shipyard John Cockerill S.A. Hoboken-Antwerpen
In Commission 13.05.1944 - 10.05.1945
Displacement 3.700 t
Length 114,0 m
Beam 14,7 m
Draught 6,01 m
Propulsion 1 Burmeister & Wain - Dieselengine 3.800 HP
Shafts/Propellers 2 - 2
Speed 17 kts
Complement  225 ?
Armament 3 x 10,5 cm Rapid Firing Gun
6 x 3,7 cm Flak
10 x 2 cm Flak



Under construction as Polish M/B "Lewant II". In May 1940 the uncompleted ship was confiscated by the Wehrmacht at shipyard John Cockerill S.A., Antwerpen. The decision to complete and use the ship was only taken end of April 1942 due to copper shortage. One month after her comissioning the ship was sunk by an airtorpedo west of Borkum on 14.6.1944.

Commanding  Officer: 05.44 - 06.44 Korv.Kapt.d.Res. Bohm


Begleitschiff "Gustav Nachtigal" nit by A/C Torpedo just before Sinking - Picture: Archives 7. SGschw

Begleitschiff "Gustav Nachtigall" sinking off Borkum - Picture: Archives 7. SGschw