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  S-Boats in the Kriegsmarine - Loss of "S 199"



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S-Boats in the Kriegsmarine 1935 - 1945

Loss of "S 199"

In the night 22./23.01.1945 the 4., 6., 8. and 9. SFltl left Ijmuiden respectively Hoek van Holland with a total of 16 boats, to operate against convoys in the scheldt estuary and in the Channel. 

The 8. SFltl with five boats got into fight off Sheerness with a British frigate, a british sloop an the MGB-groups of three boats each without having sighted a convoy and were taken under fire of the coastal Fort Tonge Sand the shells of which landed in the water between the boats without any hits.

In trying to escape from the British forces "S 701" was rammed by "S 199". "S 199" (Oblt. z.S. Quistorp) was severely damaged, the bow was torn of, and could not be maintained und was therefore scuttled, while "S 702" whithout being able to realize which was the ramming boat, could reach the deployment-harbour of Ijmuiden. 

One of the last pictures of  "S 199" - Picture: Archiv Enno Brandi

According to a report of  OLt.z.S. a.D. Quistorp the 25.08.2012 to the webmaster during a visit at Bonn-Bad Godesberg the survivors of the crew were rescued from the icecold waters of the Northsea by the minesweeper HMCS "Neave" (T 247) after 6 1/2 hours in the life-rafts. One man was killed and three men were wounded by the propellers of "Neave". Until 1994 the rescued did not know the name or type of the vessel that had rescued them. In the memories of the S-boat-War in the West by Rebensburg Quistorp writes, that he must praise the seamanship and the comradeship of the Canadian crew.  Oblt.z.S. Quistorp and 17 survivors were handed over to the Army in the harbour and taken to Gillingham as prisoners of war. Oblt.z.S. Quistorp started to study theology  during the imprisonment at the Norton-Camp in the "University behind barbed wire" an arrangement by the YMCA.

In some sources it is assumed correctly that "S 701" was rammed by "S 199. Hümmelchen writes: The survivors (of "S 199") went ashore at Fort Tonge Sand.

Also in some sources - especially in British - erroneously it is stated that "S 199" was sunk by the guns of Fort Tongue Sand. 

Positions of the Forts in the Thames Estuary - Picture from Wikipedia

Oblt.z.S. a.D. Quistorp, in the meantime emeritierted priest, started 1994 a search for crewmenbers of the British vessel that had rescued them from the icecold waters of the Northsea. In April 1994 the Sheppy Gazette wrote an article, reporting that the crew of "S 199" was searching for crewmember of the vessel, that had picked them up from the life raft in order to thank them. 



Article in the Sheppy Gazette - Archives: Enno Brandi

The letter of Phil Strong, a crewmember of HMCS "Neave" is from the yera 2002 in which he writes, that Hans Joachim Quistorp does not need to thank him because the German Navy would have done the same to him had he been in that position. 

Extract from the letter of Phil Strong - Archives: Enno Brandi

HMCS "Neave" Trawler 247 - Archives: Enno Brandi

Oblt.z.S. Hans Joachim Quistorp died at an age of 96 in the Alten- und Pflegeheim Johanniterhaus  at Bonn-Bad Godesberg in the year 2016.