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  S-Boats in the Kriegsmarine - Loss of "S 22"



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S-Boats in the Kriegsmarine 1935 - 1945

Loss of "S 22"

  "S 22" belonged to construction-series "S 14" - "S 25". From her commiccioning until May 1941 she belonged to the 1. SFltl with oeration areas Baltic (Polencampain), English Channel and Norway (Weserübung). Then she was employed until end 1941 in the 4. SFltl with operatioin areas Baltic (Barbarossa) and Channel under Oblt.z.S. Karl-Eberhard Karcher. From January 1942 until 1944 the boat belonged to 6. SFltl and then she came to 3. S-School-Flotilla at Swinemünde. 

"S 22" at Swinemünde - Picture: Archives Förderverein

S-School-Flotilla at Swinemünde (here 2. S-SchoolFltl - Picture: Archives Förderverein

During winterr 1944/1945 the boat was in the ship-yard at Swinemünde for repairs, but had to go to the Kriegsmarine-Shipyard at Wilhelmshavn for further work.

On 30.03.1945 occurred the last big bombing of city, harbour and shipyard of Wilhelmshaven by 358 B-24 bombers of USAF.

Kriegsmarine-Shipyard and Garnisonchurch Wilhelmshaven on 01.05.1945 - Picture: Archives Förderverein

As the Web-Master learned on 17.01.2016 from a telephonate with the last radio operator of "S 22", herr Raimund Schulz, erfuhr, the boat was in a dock when the bombing took place and was severely damaged. She was lying in the harbour for some days and herr Schulz had to go watches on her. When he one day early April wanted to go on board she had sunken in the harbour.

This fate has slipped from the authors Erich Gröner, Gerhard Hümmelchen and Harald Fock. All three are writing that the boat still belonged to the 3. S-Schul-Fltl on 15.01.1945 and had a unknown fate. Reinhard Öser and Bubblewatcher Tauchservise believe to know, that the S-boatwreck off Keldsnor are the remains of "S 22".