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  S-Boats in the Kriegsmarine - Loss of "S 226"



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S-Boats in the Kriegsmarine 1935 - 1945

Loss of "S 226"


Boat of Type S 100 (here "S 198") - Picture: Archives Förderverein


Boat "S 226",  belonging to the newly formed 1. SFltl, only commissioned on 02.03.1945, according to the handwritten personal notes of  Lt.z.S.d.Res. Hans- Heinrich von Glasenapp, which were presented to us by his son, Patrick v. Glasenapp, had the fate as described in the following. 

The boat under command of Lt.z.S.d.Res. v. Glasenapp, left Travemünde on 03.05.1945 together with "S 170" and two minesweepers with orders to proceed to Flensburg. 

ObFähnr.z.S. v. Glasenapp as Flotilla- Navigator on "S 51" in the Black Sea Lt.z.S. v. Glasenapp as Commanding Officer of "S 226" in the Baltic
Pictures: Archives Patrick von Glasenapp

"S 226" had  been repaired at Schlichting dockyards at Travemünde after damages by Russian air attacks off Hela with dead and wounded among the complement and the transported refugees.

When the four boats had passed Fehmarnbelt they were attacked by 12 Typhoon IB-aircraft of RAF SQN 193 stationed at Bremen. Another attack followed 20 minutes later off Putlos. That caused heavy damage to one of the minesweepers. When Lt.z.S.d.Res. v. Glasenapp proposed the commanding officer of "S 170" to jointly sail to the minesweeper to rescue the crew, the crew of "S 170" committed a mutiny. Therefore, "S 226" rescued the personnel of the minesweeper alone. "S 170" tried to escape at maximum speed and firing furiously from all barrels, expöains von Glasenapp, and had also to take hits.

After yet another air attack v. Glasenapp came to the conclusion that he could not reach Flensburg due to the frequent air attacks and scuttled his boat northwest of Heiligenhafen close to Putlos. The complement and the rescued minesweepers went ashore at Heiligenhafen and reported to the naval stationcommander Putlos, who advised them to disappear. 

Commanding Officer and crew dismissed eachother from the Wehrmacht on 03.05.1945 as an extract of the service record of Lt.z.S.d.Res. v. Glasenapp (Archiv P. von Glasenapp)  shows,  and found accommodation for the night on the hay loft a a farmer close to Schönwalde.


Extract of the Service Record of Lt.z.S. v. Glasenapp

 Boat "S 226" was accounted for as missing from 03.05.1945 in the war diary (KTB) of the Seekriegsleitung (SKL) 10 miles southeast of Fehmarn. The precise scuttling position is not recorded. About the fate of "S 170" there is no mentioning in the notes.

The boat scuttled off Rødby Havn after a bombing on 06.05.1945, the survivors of which (19 of 23 men) under command of their Commanding Officer could go ashore at Kramnitze making use of the remaining rescue material of the boat and reported to the Police at Nakskov, therefore must be accounted for as an unknown boat. In as much Bubblewater Tauchservice is in error, assuming that it is the wreck of "S 226". Since in the report of the Danish police the bombhit is stated as of the 06.05.1945 it cannot have been an attack of British aircraft because they did not carry out any attacks after the 04.05.1945.