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  Loss of an Unknown Boat



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S-Boats in the Kriegsmarine 1935 - 1945

Loss of an Unknown Boat

Boat ot Type S 100 (here "S 198") - Picture: Archives Förderverein

On 06.05.1945 an unknown S-boat was scuttled off the southern coast of Lolland. The boat had privious to that been damaged by a bomb raid. The survivors of the bomb raid (19 of 23 men) could under guidance of their commanding officer go ashore close to Kramnitze using the remained life saving gear of the boat and report to the police station at Nakskov.

In spring 2012 the Danich authorities established an area of prohibited diving around position 54°39,700' N 11°11,800' E, which was cancelled after the amunition from the wreck and the area around it had been removed.

Mister Reinhard Öser of Interessengruppe

 Marine Research Germany 

has been diving at the wreck and supplied us with pictures from this diving activity. 

Stern of the Wreck

Aft End of the Starboard Torpedo-Tube

Port Torpedo-Tube with closed Hadge

Well for the forward 20mm-Flak

Well for the forward 20mm-Flak

Forecastle of the unknown S-Boat

Forecastle of the unknown S-Boat

Bubblewatcher Diving Service (Bubblewatcher Tauchservice), which has also dived at the wreck assumes that is is the wreck of "S 226". After the handwritten notes of the commanding officer of "S 226" have appeared, which were presented to us by his son, our clubmember, Patrick von Glasenapp, was "S 226" scuttled northwest of Heiligenhafen on 03.05.1945.

Since the pictures of the wreck clearly point o a boat of type S 100, the wreck off Rødby Havn can only be of an unknown boat of type 100, probably from one of the  S-School-Flotlllas.