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  S-Boats in the Kriegsmarine - Poland 1939



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S-Boats in the Kriegsmarine 1935 - 1945

War-Zones of the S-Boats 

Polandcampaign 1939


1. SFltl (Kptlt. Sturm)

The Flotilla was subordinate to CinC East (Seebefehlshaber Ost - KAdm. Lütjens) and was earmarked for minelaying in the Bight of Danzig. When the Polish were laying extensive minefields themselves, it was ordered to take over duty to guard the gaps in the Polish minefields. In so doing a small Polish craft was sunk by artillery. Then the flotilla was ordered to proceed into the Northsea to take over escort duties for cruisers and minelayers. Early December 1939 the flotilla moved back to the Baltic, to go into a planned overhaul period in a shipyard until early 1940. 

2. SFltl (Kptlt. Petersen)

At the outset of the war the flotilla performed reconnaissance in the area around Heligoland. In so doing "S 17" suffered from such a heavy sea damage, that it had to be decommissioned. In the following the flotilla was ordered to th e Baltic, in order to patrol the entrance of the Sound and to hinder the Polish submarine "Orzel" to escape from the Baltic. The boat could escape undiscovered and sail to Scapa Flow as had already done the submarine "Wilk". Then there followed escort duties in the western Baltic, in the Belt and in the Kattegatt. There were no enemy contacts. With the outset of the icing of the Baltic the flotilla went back to the Northsea. Also it went into a planned shipyard overhaul period until early March 1940.