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S-Boats in the Kriegsmarine 1935 - 1945


In the years between 1935 and the outbreak of WW II the 1. SFltl undertook propaganda-voyages in Germany and abroad.

In the beginning the flotilla visited the harbours at the German coasts of Northsea and Baltic.

"S 1" enters Travemünde with 1. SFltl - Picture: Archives Förderverein


"S 2" leaves Kolberg after a visit of the fleet - Picture: Archives P. Jancke

Visit of the 1. SFltl in a German harbour in the Baltic - Picture: Archives Förderverein

Visit of the Fleet in a German harbour in the Baltic - Picture: Archives Förderverein

"S 14" and "S 17" at Travemünde - Picture: Archives Ola Erlandsson

"S 16" and "S 15" at Travemünde - Picture: Archives Ola Erlandsson 

1. SFltl at a Jetty of a German harbour in the Baltic  - Picture: Archives Förderverein


In July 1937 the 1. SFltl and the 1. RFltl performed a voyage up river Rhine on the tracks of the Torpedoboat-Division which with seven boats under command of Kptlt. Funke in 1900 visited 38 towns in six weeks, as a propaganda and recruitment voyage. 

The stations of the eight S-boats with 13 officers, 8 master-sergants, 39 corporals and 163 ratings under command of KKapt. von Conrady on the Rhine were as originally planned:


Town Dates
Wesel 14. - 15.07.1937
Düsseldorf 16. - 19.07.1937
Koblenz 20. - 23.07.1937
St. Goar 24. - 25.07.1937
Mainz 26. - 28.07.1937
Bingen 29. - 30.07.1937
Duisburg 01. - 02.08.1937
Wesel 03. - 04.08.1937

Together the 1. SFltl and the 1. RFltl visited only the towns Düsseldorf and Koblenz. For the visit at Koblenz we got from Mr. Sebastian Jung not only the above dates but also three newspaperclips of which we here present two. Also we got the invitation of the Koblenz mayor for participation at the navy-evening on 20.07.1937.

Newspaperclip of Koblenzer Volkszeitung dated 20.07.1937 


Invitation for the Navy-Evening on 20.07.1937 at Koblenz - Picture: Archives Ola Erlandsson

On 21.07.1937 the Koblenzer Volkszeitung reports about the brilliant reception which was performed for the navy units and about the Navy-Evening in the Wine-Village and the first sightseeing tour to the boats.

For the 29. and 30.07.1937 the entire flotilla with eight boats was planned to visit Bingen. However, on 29. and 30.07.1937 four boats visited the town Worms as announced by the District-Propaganda-Manager of the NSDAP-Gauleitung Hessen-Nassau in a circular letter dated 20.07.1937 (Stadtarchiv Worms Abt. 13 Nr. 181).

The 27.07.1937 was also published by the District-Propaganda-Manager the Reception of the Kriegsmarine at Worms (Stadtarchiv Worms Abt.13 Nr. 181).

A undated paper by the District-Propaganda-Manager titled "Unsere Kriegsmarine kommt" (Stadtarchiv Worms Abt. 13 Nr. 181) directs the falling-in of honour-formations, the release of workers for the duration of the parade of the boats, the hours of open ships, and requests the people to flagg the houses richly and gives information about where the reunion takes place the 29.07.

S-Boats in the Harbour of  Worms on 27.07.1937 - Picture: Archives Förderverein


On 30.07. and 31.07.1937 the boats visited in pairs the towns Rüdesheim, Bacharach, Oberwesel, Boppard rsp. Neuwied, Oberwinter and Königswinter. 

"S 14" and "S 15" in a Wine-Town at the River Rhine - Picture: Archives O. Erlandsson


In summer 1937 Tender "Tsingtau" performed a voyage to Norway. This happened possibly while th boats were on tthe Rhine-voyage and after "Tsingtau" had accompanied the boats to Ijmuiden and was moored there until the 13.07.1937 as is proved by a postcard (date of stamp) written by Mr. Walter Koch a great-uncle of Mr. Jung. 


Tender "Tsingtau" in the Sognefjord - Picture: Walter Koch - Archives S. Jung

Tender "Tsingtau" at 03 oclock am in the Sognefjord - Picture: Walter Koch - Archives S. Jung

Tender "Tsingtau" in the Hardangerfjord - Picture: Walter Koch - Archives S. Jung

The flotilla and the tender met on completion of the Rhine-voyage off Heligoland.

As documents from the town-archives of Koblenz show the flotilla in early summer 1938 by an initiatve of the mayor of Koblenz got a ceramic coat-of-arms of each of the visited towns which were displayed on one of the walls of tender "Tsingtau". Among these coat-of arms was also one of the city of Köln although it at present is not known when the boats were there. 


In summer 1938 a voyage of the 1. SFltl and tender "Tsingtau" abroad lead to Sweden. In the course of shich the harbours of Kalmar (01. - 04.07.28) and Visby (04. - 08.07.38) were visited.

Ruins of St. Karins (St. Katarinas) Church at Visby - Picture: Walter Koch - Archives S. Jung

GErman Bluejackets in the Park of Visby - Picture: Walter Koch - Archives S. Jung

1. SFltl entering Kalmar  - Picture: Walter Koch - Archives S. Jung

1. SFltl mores in Front of Ångkvarn at Kalmar - Picture: Archives Ola Erlandsson

 Tender "Tsingtau" at Kalmar - Picture: Walter Koch - Archives S. Jung