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S-Boats in the Kriegsmarine 1935 - 1945

The Schnellboot-War-Badge

Since the S-boats at the outset of the war were assigned to F.d.T. (Führer der Torpedoboote), Konteradmiral Günther Lütjens, later Kapitän zur See von Bütow, well-deserved crew-members were awarded the Zerstörer-War-Badge. 

On 30. 05.1941 the Oberbefehlshaber der Kriegsmarine, Großadmiral Dr. h.c. Erich Raeder, donated the Schnellboot-War-Badge. 

The Donation-Decree laid down the following: 

Donation Decree of the 30. May 1941:

1.    With seaman's boldness and ruthless actionspirit our S-boats have undertaken many succesful advances against the enemy and sent many a war and merchant ship to the ground of the sea.

In appreciation of these deeds I order the introduction of a Schnellboot-War-Badge.

2.    The badge can be awarded the S-boat-crews (including the killed in action and died soldiers or otherwize entitled aspirants). Die awarding is performed by the Führer der Torpedoboote.

3.    The badge is worn with the uniform  as the U-Boots-War-Badge 1939.


Awarding Regulations of the 17. June 1941:

I.    General conditions:

           Merit, good conduct.

a.    Special conditions:

Proving on atleast twelve assaults against the enemy.

b.    From the specified conditions under a. can be deviated:

1.    if a singel assault against the enemy was especially sucessful, or the single soldier has destinguished himself especially or was killed in action.

2.    at the loss of a boat by enemy action, in special cases due to wounding.

II.    Furthermore the badge can be awarded to:

Deceased, which fulfill the conditions under I. a. oder have fulfilled them almost, if their dead is the consequence of a wounding, of an accidence, or an illness, which they have suffered from respectively they have contracted during an assault against the enemy.

III.  The Führer der Torpedoboote is entitled to supplement the regulation above.

Baltic Sea Station Orderl of the 18. December 1941:

1.              I. In exchange against the Destroyer-War-Badge:

a.    Formerly S-boat-men, which solely for their actions in S-boats have been awarded the Destroyer-War-Badge, can get the Schnellboot-War-Badge on request.

b.    Formerly S-boat-men, which have been awarded the Destroyer-War-Badge on the basis of actions on torpedoboats or destroyers and s-boats, can get the Schnellboot-War-Badge on request, if they have been in S-boats in most of t he actions.

2.              II. In addition to the Zerstörer-War-Badge:

           Formerly s-Boat-men,which have already been awarded the Z erstörer-War-Badge  when they joined the S-boats, can additionally be awarded the Schnellboots-Badge if they have fulfilled the conditions.

Awarding rights:

Führer der Torpedoboote

Großadmiral Dr. h.c. Raeder (Admiral-Inspekteur of the Kriegsmarine)

Bearing Instruction:

The Schnellboot-War-Badge is worn on the left side of the chest in and off duty.


On the 2. aniversary of the occupation of Norway all member of S-boat-crews which had participated in actions for the occupation of Norway were awarded the Schnellboot-War-Badge if they had not yet been awarded with it. 

Schnellboot-War-Badge 1. Form


Announcement of the General Navy Office of 28. January 1943:

The Schnellboot-War-Badge donated in accordance with reference has been changed in correspondence with propsals made by rthe front with approvement of ObdM (Oberbefehlshaber der Kriegsmarine).

Models will be sent to the Marinebekleidungsämter within short time. At future awardings the new model is to be handed out. An exchange of the already awarded badges will not take place.

Schnellboot-War-Badge 2. Form

Awarding Data:

1900 Schnellboot-War-Badges.


Awarding Document



The Schnellboot-War-Badge with Brilliants:

The Schnellboot-War-Badge with Brilliants was produced from gold-plated silver with nine diamonds on the swastika. The design of the Badge orignates like the Schnellboot-War-Badge 1. Form and 2. Form from the painter and commercial artist Wilhelm Ernst Peekhaus.

Schnellboot-War-Badge with Brilliants

The Schnellboot-War-Badge with Brilliants was only produced and awarded in the second form. Awarded were commanding officers or flotilla-commanders, who had been awarded the knight's cross with oakleaves. 

The Schnellboot-War-Badge with Brilliants was awarded to:

Korvettenkapitän Georg Christiansen (Commander 1. Schnellbootflottille)

Korvettenkapitän Klaus Feldt (Commander 2.  Schnellbootflottille) on 16.01.1944 without document

Korvettenkapitän Friedrich Kemnade (Commander 3. Schnellbootflottille)

Korvettenkapitän Bernd Klug (Commander 5. Schnellbootflottille) on 15.01.1944 without document

Kapitänleutnant Freiherr von Mirbach (Commander 9. Schnellbootflottille)

Kapitän zur See Rudolf Petersen (Führer der Schnellboote)

Kapitänleutnant Werner Töniges (CO of a Schnellboot) January 1943 without document

Oberleutnant zur See Siegfried Wuppermann (CO of a Schnellboot) on 10. 06.1943



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