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S-Boats in the People's Navy (Volksmarine) 1956 - 1990

Small Missile-Ship (Kleines Raketenschiff) "BALCOM 10" -  Projekt 151

Since 2014 new Classification: "Orkan"-Class


Drawing from Mehl/Schäfer: Die andere deutsche Marine

Technical Data

Shipyard VEB Peenewerft, Wolgast
Units built 3
From/to 1989 bis 1990
In Commission Anf. 1990 bis 2.10.1990
Displacement 347 t
Length 48,9 m
Beam 8,6 m
Draught 2,2 m
Propulsion 3 x 52 Zyl. Star-Streight enginesM-520 each 5.400 HP
Shafts/Propellers 3 x 3
Speed 36 kts
Complement  33
4 x Starters 1520 each for 4 missiles P 20 og P 21
1 x 76 mm AK-176
1 x 6-barrel Gatling Gun AK 630
1 x FASTA-Starter for 4 STRELA M. 
2 x Rocket-Launchers SGW-3 for IR and Radar Deception

KRS of the Type "Balcom 10" (Picture: Archives Dieter Flohr)

KRS "Balcom 10" (Picture: Archives Hans Mehl)

KRS "Sassnitz" without Startcontainers (Picture: Dornbusch)


Originally common German-Soviet project. 1990 SU discontinued participation. Two units were delivered to the VM without startcontainers and classified as patrolboats. "Sassnitz" und "Seebad Binz" were retrofitted at Peenewert with MTU engines and other equipment after reunification and commissioned as BG 22 - "Neustrelitz" and BG 23 - "Bad Düben" and got the classification "Sassnitz"-class. A third boat, "Sellin", was broken up. Three boats were delivered to Poland and are sailing for the Navy as Orkan-Class.

Four hulls in different stages of construction were towed to the so-called "coal-pier" at Peene-Werft in Wolgast, where they were layed up. After many attempts to sell the boats they were laying there for years rotting. One boat was equipped with a star-engine of Soviet build, one boat was partly equipped with machinery. The two other boats were holks. Finally they were scraped in 2010.

Hulls Projekt 151, BALCOM 10, at Peene-Werft, Wolgast (Picture: Hendrik Meyer)


Article about "Bad Düben" and  "Neustrelitz" in Kieler Nachrichten of 17.09.2015

In the meantime both boats are decommissioned and are laying up at Neustadt/Holstein. The are offered by VEBEG for scrapping with a sale-date of 06.02.2018.

BP 22 "Neustrelitz" - Picture: Archives Bundespolilzei See

BP 23 "Bad Düben" - Picture: Archives Bundespolizei See