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S-Boats in the People's Navy (Volksmarine) 1956 - 1990

Torpedo-S-Boat "Forelle" (Projekt 57)

In 1952 the Forschungsstelle ( Research Office) of Elbewerft Roßlau, received order to develop a TS of about 60 ts displacement. This project was coupled with the development for the reproduction of the Kriegsmarine-Diesels MB 511. This motor was to get the name 20 KVD 25 and be built by VEB Motorenwerk Ludwigsfelde.  The boat 0 was equipped with two 20 KVD 25.

Dieselengine 20 KVD 25 - Reproduction of MB 511 - Picture: Archives WTZ Roßlau gGmbH

The sea trials in 1955 on the Greifswalder Bodden had to be discontinued because of engineproblems. The boat was taken out the water at Peenemünde. The engines were repaired and the sea trials were taken up again in 1957 based upon Parow for almost two years. The trials were hempered by engine troubles and damages to the boat again and again. In addition were framedistance, strength of hull-plates and painting were tested and changed a number of times. The test-results had to be delivered to the SU. In November 1958 the development of the 20 KVD 25 and of the boat was cancelled. 

The boats "M 5" and "M 6" of type "Forelle" built in the meantime were equipped with diesel engines of the series M 50 F-3 delivered by the  SU. While the zero-Boat (Null-Boot) "Forelle" was broken up, boats "M 2" and "M 6" came into service without torpedo tubes as "G-01" and "G-02" at the Borderbrigade Coast until Juli 1965.

TS of the Type "Forelle" - Drawing from Mehl/Schäfer: Die andere deutsche Marine

Technical Data

Roßlauer Schiffswerft
Units built 3
From/to 1960 - 1964
In Commission 2 Boats for Borderbrigade-Coast (G-01 und G-02)
Displacement 65 t
Length 27,73 m
Beam 7,16 m
Draught 1,05 m
Propulsion 4 M 50 F-3 each 1200 PS
Shafts/Propellers 2
Speed 38 kts
2 Torpedo Tubes 53,3 cm (planned)
2 x 25 mm Twin Mounted Gun 2-M-3
1 x 12,7 mm Twin Mounted MG
12 Depthcharges


The four Diesel engines propelled the two shafts via a compound transmission.

TS of Type "Forelle"  (Picture: Archives Hans Mehl)