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S-Boats in the People's Navy (Volksmarine) 1956 - 1990

Small Missile Ship "Tarantul" (Sovjet Projekt 1241 RÄ)

Between 1984 and 1986 five boats of project 1241 RÄ, NATO nick name "Tarantul", were delivered by the Sovietunion to strengthen and to modernise the missile forces. These boats could fire missiles of types P 21 (radar-search) and P 22 (IR-search).

Picture from Mehl/Schäfer: Die andere deutsche Marine


Technical Data

Shipyards Rybinsk, UdSSR
Unit built 5 for GDR
From/to 1984 - 1986
In Commission 1984 - 1990
Displacement 420 t
Length 56,1 m
Beam 11,3 m
Draught 3,9 m
Propulsion 2 battle- and 2 march turbines each 12000 resp. 4000 HP
Shafts/Propellers 2 - 2
Speed 45 kts
Complement  38
Armament 2 x Startcontainers for two P 21 and/0r P 22 missiles
1 x Antiair Missile System for 4 STRELA M
1 x 76-mm Gun AK 176
2 x 6-barrel 30-mm Gatling Gun AK 630


KRS of the Type Tarantul "Rudolf Egelhofer" (Picture: Peter Seemann)


After reunification of the five boats the boat 572 (earlier PtNo 772) - "Rudolf Egelhofer" was taken over by the German Navy for a short time under the name "Hiddensee" (P 6166), later it was left to the USA for trials. Today the boat is at  Naval Museum in Fall River/Ma., USA (also known under The Battleship Cove).  A number of pictures of "Hiddensee" are to be seen on the homepage of  Gurki.

Die "Hiddensee" als Testfahrzeug bei der USN (Foto: Archiv Förderverein)

The boat 575 - "Hans Beimler" is at  the hoistoric-technical museum (Historisch-Technisches Museum in Peenemünde).  In spring 2010 it was indiccated that the boat was to be sold because the city of Peenemünde did not have the money to maintain it. In sommer 2010 it was said, that the boat should be kept and stay in Peemenmünde. Early December 2010 it was reportet, that there was a rumor that the boat was to be given to the Kold Krigs Museum on Langeland as a present. According to the Ministerium für Bildung, Wissenschaft und Kultur at Schwerin it not only a rumor but the planning of the province Mecklenburg-Vorpommern.

"Hans Beimler" at HTI Peenemünde in fall 2010 - (Picture: Scheuch) 


The other three boats were broken up.