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Tender Klasse 404 ("Elbe")

The six tenders of the navy have been built for support of the boat-squadrons. Tenders "Elbe", "Rhein", "Main", and "Donau" were subordinated the S-Boat-squadrons. They serve to supply the boats with fuel, water, ammunition, spare parts, ans food. They are equipped with a waste-management system and a sewage reproscessing system which can also be used for the boats. The sick-bay is suited to take care of lighter woundings. With additionally embarked medical doctors also heavier woundings can be treated. The flying deck is suited for the start and landing of helicopters. To support the crews of the boats in repairs a Systemunterstützungsgruppe (SUG) [system support group] can be embarked. Embarkation of a squadron staff is also possible.

Technical Data

Shipyards Multiple
Units built 6
From/to 1992 - 1994
In Commission 199 - heute
Displacement 3170 t
Length 100,70 m
Beam 15,40 m
Draught 3,72 m
Propulsion 1 x Deutz WMW SBV 12M 628 DM each 3335 HP
Shafts/Propellers 1 - 1
Speed 15 kts
Complement  40 + 38 SUG + 12 Staff
ARmament HMG A/A Rocket
2 x 20 mm Flak
2 x SMG
Containers 20 Each at 20"


Tender "Rhein" in a norwegian Fjord - Oicture: Arkives Förderverein

Tender "Elbe" and "S75-Zobel" in Sonderburg - Picture: Rudi Hansen

Tender "Mosel" in Sonderburg Harbour - Picture: Rudi Hansen


"Elbe" (A 511) - built at Vulkan-Werft, Bremen, ID: 28.01.93, 7. SGschw,  thereafter 1. K-Geschw and now Unterstützungsgeschwader (Support-Squadron), Kiel.

"Rhein" (A 513)  - built at Flensburger Schiffbaugesellschaft, ID 22.09.93, 3. SGschw, ab 1996 at 3. MSGschw, thereafter Unterstützungsgeschwader (Support-Squadron), Kiel.

"Main" (A 515) - built at Kröger-Werft, Rendsburg, ID: 23.06.94, 5. SGschw, from 16.12.2002  at  2. SGschw, from 01.05.2005 at U-Flotilla

"Donau" (A 516) - built at, Bauwerft Lürssen-Werft, Vegesack, ID: 12.11.94, 2. SGschw, from 01.05.2005 at 7. Sgschw, handed over to 1. KGschw, thereafter Unterstützungsgeschwader (Support-Squadron), Kiel.

Tenders "Mosel" (A 512) and "Werra" (A 514) were built for the MS-Flotilla (5. MSGschw). They also belong to Unterstützungsgeschwader (Support-Squadron), Kiel.


International Deployments of the S-Boats-Tenders

Tender "Donau" participated as a supporting unit for the s-boats S64 " Bussard", S62 "Falke" from 2. SGeschw and S71 "Gepard", S 80 "Hyäne" as well  as S72 "Puma" in Operation Enduring Freedom at the Horn of Afrika in 1992.

Also tender "Main" participated as Maritime Logistics Base in the operation area of Operation Enduring Freedom in 2002l.

Tender "Elbe" was envolved with the 1. German Deployment contingent of  Task Force UNIFIL off Libanon in 2006.

Tender "Rhein" saile 2008 six month as flagship of SNMCMG 2 in the Mediterranean. In the years 2009 and 2012 she was part of the Maritime Task Force UNIFIL, and in 2014 she acted again as flagship of SNMCMG 2.