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Tender Klasse 401 ("Rhein")

The thirteen tenders of classes 401, 402, and 403 were been built for support of the boat-squadrons. The tenders of class 401 were planned for subordination of the S-Boat-squadrons. They served to supply the boats with fuel, water, ammunition, spare parts, ans food. The sick-bay was suited to take care of lighter woundings. With additionally embarked medical doctors also heavier woundings could be treated. Replenischment by air was only possible as vertical replenishment (VERTREP), since the ships had no landing deck. To support the boat's crews in repairs a Systemunterstützungsgruppe (SUG) [system support group] could be embarked. Embarkation of a squadron staff was also possible.


Technical Data

Shipyards Multiple
Units built 8
From/to 1959 - 1964
In Commission 1961 - 1994
Displacement 2740 ts
Length 98,20 m
Beam 11,80 m
Draught 4,70 m
Propulsion 6 x Maybach four-stroke 16-cylinder Diesel engines 14 400 HP
Shafts/Propellers 2 - 2
Speed 20 kts
Complement  122  
Armament  2 x 100 mm-K L/55 MEL
4 x 40 mm/L 70 Bofors Flak
70 Mines
10 Depth Charges

Tender "Main" - Picture: Archives Förderverein

Tenders and S-Boats - Picture: Archives Förderverein



T 1 "Rhein" (A 58) - Schlieker-Werft, Hamburg, 3. S-Squad, C: 06.11.1961, D: 1993, sold to Singapoore. 

T 2 "Elbe" (A 61)  - Schlieker-Werft, Hamburg, 2. S-Squad, C: 17.04.1962, from 1982 assigned to 7. S-Squad,  D: 17.12.1992.  Left to Turkey as substitute for ex-Tender "Ruhr". Today in service as training ship for Officer-Cadets "TCG CEZAYIRLI GAZI HASANPAŞA" (A-579) at Naval Academy Tuzla.  

T 4 "Ruhr" (A 64), Schlieker-Werft, Hamburg, planned for 7. S-Squad, Schoolship, C: 02.05.1964, D: 02.12.1971, Reserveflotilla. Left to Turkey as training ship for Officer-Cadets "TCG CEZAYIRLI GAZI HASANPAŞA" (A-579 at Naval Academy Tuzla. Broken off, substituted by Tender "Elbe".

T 5 "Weser" (A 62), Elsflether Werft, Elsfleth, 1. S-Squad, from 1963 to 31.01.1965 Schoolship, C: 14.07.1962, D: 31.05.1968, left to Greece as "Aigaion" (D 215), C: 06.07.1976

T 6  "Main" (A 63), Lindenauwerft, Kiel, 5. S-Squad, C: 29.06.1963, D: 25.11.1993

T 7 "Werra" (A 68), Lindenauwerft, Kiel, 7. S-Squad, C: 02.09.1964, on 31.03.1982 to Minedefencesquad

T 8 "Donau" (A 69), Schlichting-Werft, Travemünde, planned for 3. S-Squad, Schoolship, C: 23.05.1964, D: 28.06.1982 conservated in MArs WHV, C: 18.02.1970 for 2. S-Squad, D: 01.12.1994. Today in service as training ship for Officer-Cadets "TCG SOKULLU MEHMET PAŞA" (A-577)  at Naval Academy Tuzla.

T 9 "Neckar" (A 66), Lürssen-Werft, Vegesack, planned for 1. S-Squad, C: 07.12.1963 for 7. S-Squad, D: 1994

Similar to "Rhein"-Class are also the types Class 402 ("Mosel"-Class for minesweepers) with three units built ("Mosel", "Isar", "Saar") and Class 403 ("Lahn"-Class for Submarines) with two units ("Lahn" and "Lech").

C = Commissioned

D = Decommissioned