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S-Boat Class 141 ("Seeadler")

S-Boot Class 141 ("Seeadler")

Technical Data

Shipyards Lürssen and Kröger
Units built 10
from/to 1957 - 1959
Commissioned from/to 1958 - 1976
Displacement 190 t
Length 42,5 m
Beam 7,1 m
Draught 2,2 m
Propulsion 4 x Maybach MD 871 (each 3000 HP)
Shafts/Screws 4 - 4
Speed 42 kts
Complement  39 (4 Off, 2 Chiefs, 13 Pettis, 20 Ratings
Armament 4 x Torpedotubes 53,3 cm
2 x 40 mm/L70 Bofors

Torpedotube Pinsch-Bamag - Picture: Archives Förderverein

Torpedotube Pisch-Bamag - Picture: Archives Förderverein

Torpedotargetingpillar with tube-targeting-apparatus RZA 5 b - Picture: Archives Förderverein

Firing of an Exercise-Torpedo from tube III - Picture: Archives Förderverein

40 mm Bofors L 70 MEL - Picture: Archives Förderverein

ARtillery-Firecontrolsysrtem OGR 7 - Picture: Archives Förderverein

Left: Bottommine G2 (DM 61), right: Anchormine (DM 11) - Picture: Archives Förderverein

Before the boats were fitted with firmly installed equipment for Electronic Warfare (EW), i.e. radar warning systems  (Electronic Support Measures - ESM-equipment), the boats had portable radar-warning-receivers TRACER (VR-2), which in S-Band with ± 4 and in X-Band with ± 2 degrees accuracy could give an indication that enemy emissions were present. At least by a triangulation with two or more boats a rough area could be established in which the enemy was present.

Data-Sheet portable radar-observing-receiver TRACER /VR-2) - Picture: Föreningen T 121 Spica Vänner



The boats was externally equal to Class 140. The main engines were working on the shafts via a reverse gear unit. 

Later the boats were retrofitted with a Nedinsco- plotting table, a true motion-radar, an optical gyrocontrolled gun- targetting and ESM  (Radar-Search) equipment by ELTRO. 

 "Geier" carried out ABC-trials, "Kormoran" ran trials with new rear torpedo-tubes.

S-"Geier" with ABC-Equipment

S-"Kormoran" with Rear Torpedo-Tubes