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Last Ceremonial Flag Parades of the S-Boats in Gelting Bight

On 08.05.1945 the crews of the S-Boots of the 10. SFltl (4 boats), the 3. S-School-Fltl and the boats "S 196'" (8. SFltl) and "S 227" (9. SFltl) and the tenders "Hermann von Wismann", "Tanga" and "Buea" which had gathered in the Gelting Bight fell in a last time for a muster by the F.d.S., Kommodore Rudolf Petersen. The following picture shows the crews when falling in for the muster and flagparade.

Formal Flag-Parade on 8th May 1945 - Walter Schöppe (Kirchspielarchiv Steinberg)

The following picture shows in the foreground the F.d.S. on "Hermann von Wissmann", Kommodore Rudolf during his speech.

Mustering in the Gelting Bight - Picture: H.F. Nitsche (Kirchspielarchiv Steinberg)

A second formal flagparade took place for the boats of  the flottilas that because of the rescuing of thousants of soldiers from the blocked off Kurland were called "Kurland-Flottillen" and tender "Tsingtau". The boats had arrived at Geltinger Bucht in the evening of the 9th May 1945. The Chief of Staff, FKpt. Herbert-Max Schultz, gave order on 10th May 1945 for a last ceremonial flagparade.

Order for the ceremonial flagparade on 11th May 1945 - From the Archives of Gerd Gerber

On the 11.05.1945 the complements of the "Kurland-Flotillas" assembled in the Gelting Bight and of Tender "Tsingtau" fell in a last time in "1. Garnitur blau" (Full Dress) for a last ceremonial flag parade. The Führer der Schnellboote, Kommodore Rudolf Petersen, held a speech, then the flags were lowered, the command signs stayed waved on. The S-Boat-Force was closed down.




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