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S-Boats in the People's Navy 1956 - 1990

Organisation of the S-Boat-Force of the VM

In the beginning the Torpedo-S-Boat-Brigade was directly subordinate to the Chef der Volksmarine - CVM (Chief of the People's Navy).  Subordinate to her were the three Torpedo-S-Boat-Divisions (Torpedo-Schnellboots-Abteilungen - TSA). The 2., 4., and 6. TSA with nine boats of the type "P – 6“ each.

Starting in October 1962 the first missile-S-boats (RSB) Projekt 205 "OSA I" joined the fleet, the RSB-Brigade was formed. On the 1st of May 1963 the unit of the surface attack craft (Verband der "Schiffsstosskräfte") was formed at Sassnitz with a TSB-, a RSB-, and a LTSB-Brigade.


In May 1965 the "Schiffsstoßkräfte" were renamed into 6. Flottille and transferred to the new main naval base "Hauptbasierungspunkt" Dranske (in the northwest of Rügen). This Flotilla comprised all S-boats from the LTS to the bigger units of the types "Tarantul" and "Balcom 10". In the beginning the brigades were organised by types, i.e. boats of type "P - 6" belonged to the Torpedoschnellboots-Brigade (TSB), the boats of type "Iltis" and of type "Wiesel" formed the 7. Leicht-Torpedoschnellboots-Brigade (LTSB) "Fritz Gerbig". The boats of type "OSA I" formed the Raketenschnellboots-Brigade (RSB). The boats of type "Shershen" formed the new TSB after the boats of type "P - 6" were decommissioned. 

From 1. December 1971 the RSBs and the TSBs were combined into mixed brigades.

Starting December 1974 the small torpedo-S-boats (KTS) Projekt 131 "Libelle" joined the fleet and the 9. LTSB-Brigade "Karl Baier" was formed. urde aufgestellt. The brigades were in each case subdivided into sections ( Abteilungen, f.e. TSA, RSA, LTSA) with 5 to 10 boats each.


Until the end of the 70ies the S.Boats were operated directly by the Chief of  6. Flotilla. With creation of the Central Battle Headquarters of the CVM is was foreseen for the case of hostilities, to build the S-boats in into so calles Schiffsschlaggruppen (Ship Strike Groups) -  SSG 601 through SSG 699. These sould depending on situation be formed intratype, mixed or mixed with units of the Baltic Redbanner Fleet (BRF) and the Polish Naval Forces (PSKF) and be operated directly from the headquarters or by a Commander in Chief of the BRF or the PSKF. For that purpose the Chief of the 6. Flotilla and some operation officers should be integrated directly into the headquarter of the CVM.

Starting in October 1984 the small missile ships (Kleine Raketenschiffe = KRS) Projekt 1241 RÄ "Tarantul" were commissioned. They were substituted the 6. Flottille. In the end of the 80ies the 6. Flottille was organised as shown below with three RTSB-brigades, one RSB-brigade, and one TSB-brigade.