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  S-Boats in the Kriegsmarine - "S 30"



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S-Boats in the Kriegsmarine 1935 - 1945

S-Boats - Technical Data

"S 30" - "S 37"

"S 54" - "S 61"



Shipyards Lürssen. originally "C 4" to C 10" for China under construction
 Length 32,76 m
Bream 5,06 m
Draught 1,47 m
Displacement 81/100 ts
Propulsion  3 x Daimler-Benz MB 502 Diesel engines 1200/1320 HP 
Speed 36 kts
Complement 21
2 x Torpedo Tubes 53,3 cm
1 x 20 mm Machinegun  *)

                   *) all boats of this class blev retrofitted with a second 20 mm Flak in its unique bow-fit after they were transferred to the Mediterranean Sea. At the surrender to the British on May 3, 1945 at Ancona at least "S 61" had a 3,7 mm Flak M 42 gun on the aft deck (see pictures "S 61" in Malta 1945), how far thge other boats of the class also had one, is not to see from the available documentation. Photo-evidence for that are not available to us. 

The Commandcentre was in front of the bridge.


"S 30" on shipyard trial on the Weser river - Picture: Archives Lürssen

"S 30" in Holland 1942 - Picture: Archives Förderverein

"S 61" at Malta 1945 - Picture: Archives Ashley Gowing

"S 61" at Malta 1945 - Picture: Archives Ashley Gowing




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