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  S-Boats in the Kriegsmarine - "SA 1"



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S-Boats in the Kriegsmarine 1935 - 1945

The S-Boats - Technical Data

SA 1 - 9

The boats under construction in France for the Republican Spanish Navy as VLT Typ K 40 (Vedette Lance Torpilles) and the corresponding plans fell into the hands of the invading German forces and were partly continued for the Kreigsmarine. A certain number of boats were continued rsp. ordered for the Luftwaffe, so e.g. VLT 1 and VLT 2, both being used as  Flugbetriebsschnellboote (fast air trafic boats Fl.F 307 and Fl.F 305. 

S-Boat Type K 40 - Picture from H. Fock: Schnellboote Band 1

Length 20,20 m
Beam 5,00 m
Draft 0,90 m
Displacement 23/30 t
2 x torpedotubes 45,7 cm planned
1 x 37 mm cannon planned
1 x MG
Main Propulsion 4 x Lorraine "Petrel" gasoline engines 500 PS
March-Propulsion  2 x gasoline engines 100 PS
Spped 40 kts/15 kts
SA 1: Jouett & Cie., Sartrouville
SA 2-4, 6-7: Chantiers Romano, Antibes
SA 5: Chantiers Navales de Meulan
SA 8-9: Chantiers de la Loire, St. Nazaire

SA 2 in the harbour of Den Helder - Picture: Archives Tjalsma

         SA 2 in the harbour of Horten - Picture: Archives Tjalsma





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